Employee store credit

Mass distribute or individually gift credit to your employees. It's an easy way to manage spending and show colleagues appreciation when celebrating company milestones and achievements.

Top up your wallet and distribute credit to your employees in bulk or individually.

Flexibility to receive, spend and gift credit


Every employee has a wallet where they can receive, gift, and use credit to purchase branded items.

Let managers and employees top up their store wallets to quickly distribute credit or pay for the merchandise.

Credit distribution

You can efficiently distribute credit directly from your Jaapi store to all your employees. Great for celebrating individual achievements, company milestones, or holiday gifting.

Gifting credit

Employees and Managers can effortlessly gift credit to each other inside the organization individually or in bulk. Employees can then use the credit to purchase branded merchandise in full or apply it as a discount. No more coupon codes!

On boarding

Distribute store credit to new employees and let them choose the swag of their liking.


Employees and managers can gift each other credit with a personalized message to show each other extra love and appreciation.


Give your employees store credit to celebrate the launch of your new swag store, company milestones, or holidays.

Multiple use cases

The store credit functionality allows you to empower your employees, giving them a chance to spend it on the swag of their liking or pass it on to a colleague who helped them out.

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Got questions? We've got the answers

How do you top-up your wallet?

You top-up your store wallet the same way you would purchase an item. You choose the funds you want to add and go through a regular payment procedure supported by Stripe. Once the credit is added to your wallet, you can purchase swag or gift it to your colleagues.

Can I send a "gift card" to my employees?

With your Jaapi store you have the option to either bulk-distribute your credit to the whole company, or gift individual employees credit with a personalized message.

How can employees pay with credit?

Employees can pay for the swag of their choice with their credits in full or partially during the checkout.

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