Employee swag.
Made easy.

Offer your employees a wide selection of premium swag and the ability to quickly distribute to over 120 countries on demand.

Branding over 7,000 remote employees worldwide

Jaapi is a swag store on steroids built for scaling your merch operations and increasing employee engagement

Taken care of.

With Jaapi, you can easily engage your employees around the world. There's no need to worry about customs, expensive or long shipping times — items are distributed, on demand, from one of our 17 production facilities around the globe.

Local fullfilment and worldwide distribution

On demand - buy only what you need

Custom packaging and inserts

New release


Gift from the comfort of your Jaapi store. Generate and share a unique gifting link and send it to clients, partners, investors or friends. They will only have to fill out their address and size preferences. We take care of the rest!

The benefits of
on demand

Employees have preferences

Employees are more likely to use branded items when they are given a choice. Not everyone needs another coffee mug; some employees prefer baggy clothing over fitted. On demand printing allows employees to choose from a wide range of options.

More about sustainable swag

No minimums

Traditional swag services require you to pre-purchase large quantities of branded merchandise. If you don't use them all, the swag is wasted. With Jaapi, you can print and distribute on demand: no more wasting!

More about sustainable swag

No limits, only opportunities

Event-specific swag can be designed, printed, or embroidered at no additional cost. This allows you to create a wide range of designs that can appeal to your employees and audience.


Top-up your wallet and distribute credit like a breeze. Give your employees the freedom to pay in part or in full using their credit. Perfect when you want to thank a team member or give everyone some credit for their christmas gift.

Your swag store features

White lable store

We customize your Jaapi store so it rhymes with your brand. Logo, font, colors, messaging and even button styles.

Employee credits

Top-up your wallet and distribute credit with ease. Let your employees pay partially or in full with credit.

Easy gifting

Gift from the comfort of your Jaapi store. Generate and share a unique gifting link and send it to clients, partners, investors or friends.


Easy login with Google or Microsoft. Your store is protected and your employees login with their existing work account.

Carrier based shipping

Carrier-based shipping enables you to distribute swag around the globe with your favorite carrier.

No minimums

With your Jaapi store, you can print and distribute everything on demand.

Our recent insights

Don’t take our words for it - listen to our clients

As a remote company with employees in over 40 countries, partnering with Jaapi was the smartest decision we made.

Jaapi cleverly eliminated the need to order in bulk and helped us ensure that our colleagues and customers in all corners of the World get the same swag, without the cumbersome customs process or hefty import tax!

Suzanna Lieberman

C-suite EA, Cloudbeds

Ordering swag was always a tedious task that I didn't enjoy, and it rarely allows for much creativity as you get forced to buy bulk. Jaapi has allows us to be creative, immediately applying new ideas for events or just changing things up with a seasonally based idea.

It's been a game-changer. Plus, the employees love the swag!

Arsaman Bahrami

Head of People & Culture, Precisely

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