Sustainable swag

On demand, swag is, by design, better for the environment. We also offer features and a business model that is smarter and more affordable than traditional swag stores.

Jaapi provides a less wasteful way of producing swag through print-on-demand technology.


A large portion of our clothing, inks, and embroidery threads boast eco-certification.

Recycled Packaging

All apparel orders sent from our facilities are packaged using recycled plastic materials.

The benefits of
on demand

Employees have preferences

Employees are more likely to use branded items when they are given a choice. Not everyone needs another coffee mug; some employees prefer baggy clothing over fitted. On demand printing allows employees to choose from a wide range of options.

No minimums

Traditional swag services require you to pre-purchase large quantities of branded merchandise. If you don't use them all, the swag is wasted. With Jaapi, you can print and distribute on demand: no more wasting!

No limits, only opportunities

Event-specific swag can be designed, printed, or embroidered at no additional cost. This allows you to create a wide range of designs that can appeal to your employees and audience.

Green at heart

Only buy what you need

Buying swag on demand means you never have to worry about buying in bulk and potentially throwing away hundreds of unused apparel.

Eco friendly material

We only offer the highest-quality clothing; all our apparel is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or Oeko-Tex.

Recycled polyester

Whenever feasible, we utilize recycled polyester, and we're striving to boost the quantity of recycled material in our items.

Optimized shipping

At your Jaapi store, when an employee places an order, our algorithm instantly determines the most effective shipping path.

Recycled packaging

Our facilities ship all apparel items in recycled plastic packaging and cardboard.

Carbon offsetting

It's possible to turn on the option for offsetting the carbon effect caused by your swag and its transportation.

Got questions? We've got the answers

How is Jaapi a sustainable swag company?

At Jaapi, sustainability is at the heart of our on demand business model. We collaborate with on-demand suppliers to ensure that we only produce items when an order is placed in your Jaapi store, thereby reducing textile waste from overproduction. Additionally, our printing partner utilizes high-quality printing technology that generates minimal wastewater and consumes less energy than standard industry printers.

What sustainable swag items do you have?

Our product range includes a variety of premium items such as hoodies, t-shirts, tumblers, water bottles, backpacks, jackets and more. We take pride in offering eco-friendly products that are certified by GOTS & OEKO-TEX. While there are several factors that contribute to sustainable production, our eco-friendly collection is specifically made up of products composed of at least 70% organic or recycled materials, or a combination of both.

What printing / embroidery tech and materials do you use?

At Jaapi, we prioritize sustainability by using only Oeko-Tex™ certified, vegan, water-based inks that are free of harmful chemicals for printing. We also ensure proper disposal of leftover ink according to the guidelines provided by our ink supplier. When it comes to embroidery, we use Oeko-Tex™ certified threads that are safe for both adult and children's clothing. Embroidery is a more durable option compared to printing and produces less environmental waste.

What packaging do you use when you send our swag?

We take environmental responsibility seriously at our store. That's why all apparel products are packed in post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic mailers when shipped to you. The amount of PCR used in the packaging may vary depending on where your order is printed, but we guarantee a minimum of 50% for the outside (white or grey) poly mailer bags and at least 30% for the inside (clear) bags used in multi-item shipments. This type of packaging is made from everyday items such as used plastic bags and bottles, which has a significantly lower impact on the environment compared to first-use plastics. Rest assured that choosing PCR over regular plastic will not compromise the protection of your order during shipping.

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